South African Rand

(EUR/ZAR) 0,00%

Exchange rate South African Rand (ZAR)

  • Last quote16,2613
  • Last quote (time)11:09
  • Difference-0,0008
  • Difference %0,00%
  • Open16,2621
  • Close (previous trading day)16,2621
  • Day High (delayed)16,2657
  • Day Low (delayed)16,2599
  • Year High17,1802
  • Year Low 16,2599

Historical exchange rate South African Rand (€)

  • Date1 € = units
  • 17-11-201916,262087
  • 16-11-201916,260345
  • 15-11-201916,337282
  • 14-11-201916,414664
  • 13-11-201916,435212
  • 12-11-201916,435376
  • 11-11-201916,371613
  • 10-11-201916,372397

South African Rand (ZAR) exchange rate

1 ZAR = Units 1 Unit = ZAR
US Dollar 0,0680 14,7129
British Pound 0,0527 18,9835
Euro 0,0615 16,2613
Japanese Yen 7,3907 0,1353
Swiss Franc 0,0672 14,8701

South African Rand

The economy of South Africa is strong thanks to gold and diamonds and later platinum and bauxite, manganese and other vital minerals. Despite the global boycott due to the apartheid policy, South Africa has become an economic superpower in Africa. South Africa exports more weapons than any other country in the world. The arms industry has grown a lot during the boycott. The economy was reformed in 1994 when Mandela became president.

Convert South African rand to euro

When you want to change the South African rand to euro and not exactly the value South African rand knows, there is the calculator on Crossing South African rand to euro is fast and free via the calculator. The value is calculated using the most current South African rand euro price. The South African rand exchange rate is adjusted every day on the basis of the daily prices that the banks make.

Did you know

The South African rand is a currency that was introduced in 1961 when South Africa became a republic. The South African pound was replaced as the official currency. The international abbreviation is ZAR. The economy of South Africa is one of the largest and best running of Africa. The wealth is not divided fairly by apartheid, about a quarter of all South Africans live below the poverty line. The Rand is a stable currency linked to the Namibian dollar, the Lesetho lothi and the Swazi illangeni.