EUR/GBP -0,64%

Exchange rate British Pound EUR/GBP

  • Last quote0,8516
  • Last quote (time)05:37
  • Difference-0,0055
  • Difference %-0,64%
  • Open0,8571
  • Close (previous trading day)0,8571
  • Day High (delayed)0,8519
  • Day Low (delayed)0,8515
  • Year High0,8766
  • Year Low 0,8515

Historical exchange rate British Pound (€)

  • Date1 € = units
  • 25-05-20240,857105
  • 24-05-20240,851959
  • 23-05-20240,851795
  • 22-05-20240,851000
  • 21-05-20240,853986
  • 20-05-20240,854503

British Pound (GBP) exchange rate

1 GBP = Units 1 Unit = GBP
US Dollar 1,2739 0,7850
British Pound 1,0000 1,0000
Euro 1,1742 0,8516
Japanese Yen 199,6495 0,0050
Swiss Franc 1,1646 0,8586

About the British Pound

The term euro pound is often used as an expression for the exchange rate of the euro to the British pound. Conversely, the term pound sterling is used as a term for the exchange rate from the British pound to the euro. The pound and euro are the most important Western currencies after the US dollar. The exchange rate is used to convert pounds to euro. The price of the British pound is mainly dependent on trade in England. Euro pound exchange rates have declined in importance over the years, but the pound sterling is still one of the strongest currencies. The pound rate is monitored by many as an indicator of the state of the world economy. The euro is also important for this. Although the pound is not linked to each other, the euro and pound usually follow a similar course.

British Pound wiki

Although England was part of the European Union until February 2020, she uses the pound as currency instead of the Euro. The country decided during the introduction of the euro to hold on to the pound or GBP. This created the exchange rate pound to euro. This has now become one of the most important exchange rates. The exchange rate for the British pound is an important indicator for international trade. The exchange rate pound has decreased somewhat over the years. The pound rate is not as strong as before the Second World War when the British pound was still the dominant currency.