EUR/CHF 0,38%

Exchange rate Swiss Franc EUR/CHF

  • Last quote0,9544
  • Last quote (time)13:59
  • Difference0,0036
  • Difference %0,38%
  • Open0,9508
  • Close (previous trading day)0,9508
  • Day High (delayed)0,9554
  • Day Low (delayed)0,9481
  • Year High1,0006
  • Year Low 0,9481

Historical exchange rate Swiss Franc (€)

  • Date1 € = units
  • 19-06-20240,950817
  • 18-06-20240,949683
  • 17-06-20240,954139
  • 16-06-20240,953313
  • 15-06-20240,956101
  • 14-06-20240,955181
  • 13-06-20240,959937

Swiss Franc (CHF) exchange rate

1 CHF = Units 1 Unit = CHF
US Dollar 1,1227 0,8907
British Pound 0,8854 1,1294
Euro 1,0477 0,9544
Japanese Yen 177,8782 0,0056
Swiss Franc 1,0000 1,0000

About the Swiss Franc

The Swiss franc euro exchange rate is there because Switzerland is not a member of the EU and therefore can not participate in the euro. The iso code for the Swiss franc is CHF. So you can easily find the currency at the exchange rate of euro Swiss franc. The Swiss franc exchange rate depends on a number of factors. The exchange rate of euro Swiss franc changes several times a day. That is why the bank has an average daily rate that it holds as the Swiss franc exchange rate of that day.

Swiss Franc Wiki

The exchange rate of euro Swiss franc changes daily several times. Check regularly at to have the most accurate Swiss franc exchange rate. Tip: If you want to buy Swiss francs, check for the historical prices. It is easy to see if there is a downward trend or an upward trend. That can save you a lot of money.