EUR/USD -0,01%

Exchange rate US Dollar EUR/USD

  • Last quote1,0891
  • Last quote (time)03:49
  • Difference-0,0002
  • Difference %-0,01%
  • Open1,0893
  • Close (previous trading day)1,0893
  • Day High (delayed)1,0903
  • Day Low (delayed)1,0887
  • Year High1,1125
  • Year Low 1,0887

Historical exchange rate US Dollar (€)

  • Date1 € = units
  • 20-07-20241,089265
  • 19-07-20241,089265
  • 18-07-20241,090132
  • 17-07-20241,093978
  • 16-07-20241,090221
  • 15-07-20241,089977

US Dollar (USD) exchange rate

1 USD = Units 1 Unit = USD
US Dollar 1,0000 1,0000
British Pound 0,7739 1,2922
Euro 0,9182 1,0891
Japanese Yen 157,5045 0,0063
Swiss Franc 0,8884 1,1256

About the Dollar

The dollar exchange rate is an indicator of the relationship between the currencies of Europe and the United States. For converting from dollar to euro (usd euro) or euro to dollar (euro usd) at a bank or border exchange office, a small fee must usually be paid on top of the price. This differs per exchange office. The euro dollar exchange rate is not fixed and fluctuates. Find here the current dollar euro rate so you quickly know whether it is advantageous to convert dollar to euro or from euro to dollar.

Dollar Euro wiki

The US dollar is the currency of the United States. The dollar has been printed since 1785. This currency became the most important in the Second World War because of the role the United States played here. The price of oil and gold is expressed in dollars. The value of the dollar is somewhat under pressure because of the recession and rising national debt of the United States. The dollar-euro ratio, usd euro, now seems to be getting more favorable for the euro. Converting from euro to dollar or from dollar to euro also depends more and more on emerging types of money, such as the Chinese currency. The dollar relation is becoming more and more important as more and more European countries start using the euro as legal tender.