EUR/YER -0,09%

Exchange rate Yemeni Rial EUR/YER

  • Last quote275,4973
  • Last quote (time)12:57
  • Difference-0,2583
  • Difference %-0,09%
  • Open275,7556
  • Close (previous trading day)275,7556
  • Day High (delayed)276,2602
  • Day Low (delayed)274,9827
  • Year High286,6441
  • Year Low 274,9827

Historical exchange rate Yemeni Rial (€)

  • Date1 € = units
  • 01-02-2023275,755597
  • 31-01-2023271,958839
  • 30-01-2023271,670418
  • 29-01-2023272,215934
  • 28-01-2023272,251676
  • 27-01-2023272,251676
  • 26-01-2023272,742894

Yemeni Rial (YER) exchange rate

1 YER = Units 1 Unit = YER
US Dollar 0,0040 250,3984
British Pound 0,0032 308,9394
Euro 0,0036 275,4973
Japanese Yen 0,5140 1,9456
Swiss Franc 0,0036 275,5268

Yemeni Rial Euro

The Yemeni Rial came into circulation only after the reunification of North and South Yemen. That happened in 1993. The rate Yemeni Rial Euro is about 220: 1. Yemen is one of the poorest countries in the Arab world. Due to the lack of oil in Yemen, economic growth is in sharp contrast with neighboring countries that do have oil. The IMF supports the reforms that have been implemented since 1995. Much of the money needed for this is getting Yemen from its richer neighboring countries.

Convert Yemeni Rial to Euro

The Yemeni rate Rial is subject to inflation. The exchange rate Yemeni Rial Euro is therefore under pressure. If you want to convert Yemeni Rial to Euro, use the calculator at This always provides you with the right Yemeni Rial Euro course. The value Yemeni rial changes daily so it is advisable to regularly check the exchange rate Yemeni Rial.

Did you know

Yemen is a country on the Arabian peninsula. The Yemeni Rial is the only legal currency of Yemen. The coin is written as Rial or Riyal. The international abbreviation used for the Yemeni Rial in trade is YER. Yemen has long been divided into two parts, North and South Yemen. One part was colonized by the British, the other part was made of the Ottoman Empire. In 1990 the countries were reunited. The two currencies, the northern Rial and the southern Dinar, were merged into the Yemeni Rial.