EUR/VUV -0,45%

Exchange rate Vanuata Vatu EUR/VUV

  • Last quote114,7328
  • Last quote (time)08:51
  • Difference-0,5236
  • Difference %-0,45%
  • Open115,2564
  • Close (previous trading day)115,2564
  • Day High (delayed)115,4919
  • Day Low (delayed)114,0470
  • Year High131,2175
  • Year Low 114,0470

Historical exchange rate Vanuata Vatu (€)

  • Date1 € = units
  • 25-09-2022115,256381
  • 24-09-2022115,269739
  • 23-09-2022115,269739
  • 22-09-2022117,059634
  • 21-09-2022116,944008
  • 20-09-2022118,610198
  • 19-09-2022119,253334

Vanuata Vatu (VUV) exchange rate

1 VUV = Units 1 Unit = VUV
US Dollar 0,0084 118,9619
British Pound 0,0079 126,4068
Euro 0,0087 114,7328
Japanese Yen 1,2093 0,8269
Swiss Franc 0,0083 120,5373

Vanuata Vatu Euro

The Vanuatu Vatu exists since 1982. Previously, in Vanuatu the Franc and the Australian Dollar were used as currency. The international abbreviation of the Vanuatu Vatu is VUV. In Vanuatu there is no tax, only on imported goods. Vanuatu is therefore a free state that internet companies such as Kazaa make grateful use of. The price Vanuatu Vatu has remained the same for a long time.

Convert Vanuatu Vatu to Euro

Vanuatu Vatu to Euro conversion can easily with the calculator. When you enter the amount there, the calculator automatically takes the most recent value Vanuatu Vatu. Of course it is also possible to convert the Vanuatu Vatu price to other currencies. The exchange rate Vanuatu Vatu can be calculated with any currency.

Did you know

Vanuatu is an archipelago off the coast of Australia. Vanuatu has a small-scale economy. The local population is mainly active in agriculture and fisheries. The official currency is the Vanuatu Vatu. The coin Vatu is made up of Centime. The Centimes are no longer used. The following coins are used 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 Vatu. The paper money consists of 100, 200, 500, 1000, 5000 and 10,000 Barrels.