EUR/VND -0,52%

Exchange rate Vietnamese Dong EUR/VND

  • Last quote22.852,8783
  • Last quote (time)07:15
  • Difference-118,5884
  • Difference %-0,52%
  • Open22.971,4667
  • Close (previous trading day)22.971,4667
  • Day High (delayed)23.018,4118
  • Day Low (delayed)22.730,4330
  • Year High26.628,7726
  • Year Low 22.730,4330

Historical exchange rate Vietnamese Dong (€)

  • Date1 € = units
  • 25-09-202222971,466675
  • 24-09-202222974,129036
  • 23-09-202222974,129036
  • 22-09-202223330,868624
  • 21-09-202223293,077940
  • 20-09-202223605,011142
  • 19-09-202223717,967000

Vietnamese Dong (VND) exchange rate

1 VND = Units 1 Unit = VND
US Dollar 0,0000 23.727,0009
British Pound 0,0000 25.033,7056
Euro 0,0000 22.852,8783
Japanese Yen 0,0061 164,5864
Swiss Franc 0,0000 24.091,7557

About the Vietnamese Dong (VND)

The value of the Vietnam dong is guaranteed by the central bank of Vietnam. The exchange rate of the dong was turbulent during the Vietnamese war from 1963 to 1978. After the war it got even worse, border conflicts with China and Laos made the currency weaker. Only after the economic reforms in 1986 did the economy start to improve. At one point, the value of the Vietnam dong was so low that a currency revaluation was needed. The Vietnam dong was revalued in 1995. The Vietnam dong exchange rate was 1 in 10 old Vietnamese dongs.

The Vietnam dong to euro exchange rate may still vary from day to day. Always always use the easy-to-use exchange rate calculator on This way you are assured of the actual and correct rate and the most favorable exchange rate.  The Vietnam dong to euro exchange rate can be found in the international currency overview. The ISO code of the Dong is VND.

Vietnamese Dong (VND) Wiki

The official currency in the Vietnam Republic is the Vietnam Dong. The currency was established by the Socialist Republic of Vietnam in 1978. The Vietnam dong is issued by the state bank of Vietnam. A dong is subdivided into 10 hao and xu. The hao and xu are worth so little that they have fallen into disuse. The Vietnam dong exchange rate was very stable in the early years. The coin has its origin in North Vietnam where the dong was introduced to expel the French piaster, the symbol of oppression.