EUR/VEF 1,66%

Exchange rate Venezuelan Bolivar EUR/VEF

  • Last quote2.454.390,3817
  • Last quote (time)11:37
  • Difference40.002,9375
  • Difference %1,66%
  • Open2.414.387,4442
  • Close (previous trading day)2.414.387,4442
  • Day High (delayed)2.463.562,6298
  • Day Low (delayed)2.409.107,3483
  • Year High244.927.433.995,2841
  • Year Low 2.409.107,3483

Historical exchange rate Venezuelan Bolivar (€)

  • Date1 € = units
  • 01-02-20232414387,444162
  • 31-01-20232371119,135057
  • 30-01-20232341316,577153
  • 29-01-20232364581,136065
  • 28-01-20232342165,222733
  • 27-01-20232316420,328615
  • 26-01-20232303515,664635

Venezuelan Bolivar (VEF) exchange rate

1 VEF = Units 1 Unit = VEF
US Dollar 0,0000 2.234.550,6352
British Pound 0,0000 2.752.215,9282
Euro 0,0000 2.454.390,3817
Japanese Yen 0,0000 17.330,4505
Swiss Franc 0,0000 2.455.644,5752

Venezuelan Bolivar

After the First World War Venezuela became increasingly dependent on the production of petroleum. The price of petroleum is heavily subsidized by the government and therefore the price of oil in Venezuela is the cheapest in the world. More than half the population of the country lives below the poverty line.

Convert Venezuelan bolivar to euro

To quickly convert from Venezuelan bolivar to euro you can use create the exchange rate calculator. This automatically applies the last exchange rate Venezuelan bolivar. No more searching for the right ratio Venezuelan bolivar, but direct conversion. The Venezuelan Bolivar Euro rate can also be found in the currency exchange rate overview.

Did you know

The Venezuelan bolivar the currency of Venezuela. In the international payment system, the currency is indicated by the letters VEF. The currency is named after the Simón Bolívar who founded Venezuela in 1825. The following coins are used in Venezuela: 1, 5, 10, 12 1/2, 25 and 50 centimo and 1 bolivar. Here, one bolivar is one hundred centimo. Paper money is available in the denominations 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 bolivar. The Venezuelan Bolivar rate is subject to change. In 2008 and 2010, for example, the currency was revalued. The last time the value Venezuelan bolivar halved with respect to other currencies.