EUR/UAH 0,80%

Exchange rate Ukrainian Hryvnia EUR/UAH

  • Last quote36,2960
  • Last quote (time)08:59
  • Difference0,2884
  • Difference %0,80%
  • Open36,0075
  • Close (previous trading day)36,0075
  • Day High (delayed)36,3596
  • Day Low (delayed)35,7004
  • Year High38,0865
  • Year Low 35,7004

Historical exchange rate Ukrainian Hryvnia (€)

  • Date1 € = units
  • 25-09-202236,007535
  • 24-09-202236,011709
  • 23-09-202235,759460
  • 22-09-202236,362503
  • 21-09-202236,332456
  • 20-09-202236,814874
  • 19-09-202236,578740

Ukrainian Hryvnia (UAH) exchange rate

1 UAH = Units 1 Unit = UAH
US Dollar 0,0266 37,6295
British Pound 0,0249 40,1077
Euro 0,0276 36,2960
Japanese Yen 3,8267 0,2613
Swiss Franc 0,0262 38,1363

Ukrainian Hrynia Euro

The Ukrainian Hryvnia is an age-old coin that has been re-used by the disintegration of the Soviet Union. The Hryvnia eplaced the Karbovanets with a rate Ukrainian Hryvnia Karbovanets of 1: 100,000. The decline in value Ukrainian Hryvnia was the result of hyperinflation. Most countries where the Ukraine exports to pay in Euros. With that the exchange rate Ukrainian Hryvnia Euro is very important. The Ukrainian Hryvnia to Euro rate is also closely monitored by the central bank.

Convert Ukrainian Hryvnia to Euro

The exchange rate Ukrainian Hryvnia to Euro is re-established each day by means of the official exchange rate. To quickly look up the Hryvnia in the currency overview, look for the ISO code UAH. Amounts can be quickly converted from Euro to Ukrainian Hryvnia or vice versa via the exchange rate calculator on So you are assured of the correct exchange rate Ukrainian Hryvnia.

Did you know

The Ukrainian Hryvnia has been reintroduced to replace the Russian ruble. This happened on September 12, 1996. The Hryvnia already existed in the Middle Ages and was the official currency of the Kievan empire. One hundred Kopecks is a Hryvnia. Coins are available in 1,2,5,10,25 and 50 Kopiyok and 1 Hryvnia. Banknotes are in the circulation of 1,2,5,10,20,50,100,200 and 500 Hryvnia. The rate Ukrainian Hryvnia is not fixed in relation to the Euro.