Syrian Pound

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Exchange rate Syrian Pound (SYP)

  • Last quote605,7377
  • Last quote (time)09:23
  • Difference0,0152
  • Difference %0,00%
  • Open605,7225
  • Close (previous trading day)605,7225
  • Day High (delayed)605,7667
  • Day Low (delayed)605,6796
  • Year High610,7453
  • Year Low 605,6796

Historical exchange rate Syrian Pound (€)

  • Date1 € = units
  • 20-09-2020605,722482
  • 19-09-2020605,626533
  • 18-09-2020605,756940
  • 17-09-2020603,970068
  • 16-09-2020605,968520
  • 15-09-2020606,642592
  • 14-09-2020604,635364
  • 13-09-2020605,139574

Syrian Pound (SYP) exchange rate

1 SYP = Units 1 Unit = SYP
US Dollar 0,0020 511,4879
British Pound 0,0015 660,7835
Euro 0,0017 605,7377
Japanese Yen 0,2044 4,8919
Swiss Franc 0,0018 561,2777

Syrian Pound

Syria was a growing economy until a few years ago. Since 2011, however, there has been a violent civil war in the country. Until then, the Syrian pound was a very stable currency. But since the outbreak of the civil war, the Syrian pound has plummeted considerably.

Convert Syrian pound to euro

The value of Syrian pound varies because the currency is not directly linked is up to another strong currency. To convert an amount in euros to Syrian pounds, enter the amount into the exchange rate calculator at This simply calculates the amount with the correct price Syrian pound. This is very useful if you want to exchange the Syrian pound to euro or to other currencies.

Did you know

The Syrian pound is known in international payments under the abbreviation SYP. The pound is subdivided into piasters, but they are no longer in use. Syria became independent in 1921, followed by a noisy period in the Middle East where Syria was often involved in conflicts. Since 2011 a civil war rages in the country. The price of Syrian pound has suffered. The Syrian pound is in notes and coins. The coins are in 1, 5, 10 and 25 pounds. The paper money is available in 50, 100, 200, 500 and 1000 pounds.