EUR/SGD -0,07%

Exchange rate Singapore Dollar EUR/SGD

  • Last quote1,4470
  • Last quote (time)02:16
  • Difference-0,0010
  • Difference %-0,07%
  • Open1,4480
  • Close (previous trading day)1,4480
  • Day High (delayed)1,4470
  • Day Low (delayed)1,4470
  • Year High1,4866
  • Year Low 1,4470

Historical exchange rate Singapore Dollar (€)

  • Date1 € = units
  • 08-06-20231,447965
  • 07-06-20231,443868
  • 06-06-20231,441746
  • 05-06-20231,445344
  • 04-06-20231,445438
  • 03-06-20231,448387

Singapore Dollar (SGD) exchange rate

1 SGD = Units 1 Unit = SGD
US Dollar 0,7440 1,3441
British Pound 0,5921 1,6889
Euro 0,6911 1,4470
Japanese Yen 103,7161 0,0096
Swiss Franc 0,6722 1,4877

About Singapore Dollar (SGD)

The Singapore dollar exchange rate came under pressure due to the falling British pound. The 10.000 dollar bill is the banknote with the highest Singapore dollar value. It is also the banknote with the highest value in the world. Since 1973, the Singapore dollar exchange rate has been subject to fluctuations due to the explosive growth of the economy. The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) was established in 1985. This authority guarantees and maintains the Singapore dollar value.

Convert Singapore dollar euros

The Singapore dollar euro ratio is subject to exchange rate fluctuations. The Singapore dollar euro rate fluctuates little thanks to the effort of the MAS. When you convert Singapore dollar to use the calculator on This way you can easily convert Singapore dollars to euros with the most accurate exchange rate or vice versa. The ISO code of the Singapore dollar is SGD. This makes it easy to look up the currency in the international monetary overview.

Singapore Dollar (SGD) Wiki

The Singapore dollar is derived from the Spanish dollar that was taken from the new world and spread over the Far East. For a long time, the Spanish dollar was the most commonly used payment method. With the British colonization of the east, the local coins were mostly left alone. The British nevertheless found it easier to replace the Dollar with the Straits dollar which could then be used in all colonies. That lasted from 1904 to 1939. The Malaysian dollar was used until 1973, when Singapore decided to introduce the Singapore dollar.