EUR/SCR -0,05%

Exchange rate Seychellois Rupee EUR/SCR

  • Last quote14,6270
  • Last quote (time)08:37
  • Difference-0,0080
  • Difference %-0,05%
  • Open14,6349
  • Close (previous trading day)14,6349
  • Day High (delayed)14,6349
  • Day Low (delayed)12,3461
  • Year High15,9633
  • Year Low 12,3461

Historical exchange rate Seychellois Rupee (€)

  • Date1 € = units
  • 01-12-202314,634947
  • 30-11-202314,669142
  • 29-11-202314,819687
  • 28-11-202315,104993
  • 27-11-202314,911046
  • 26-11-202314,648469
  • 25-11-202314,660834

Seychellois Rupee (SCR) exchange rate

1 SCR = Units 1 Unit = SCR
US Dollar 0,0744 13,4356
British Pound 0,0586 17,0619
Euro 0,0684 14,6270
Japanese Yen 10,9281 0,0915
Swiss Franc 0,0648 15,4420

Seychellois Rupee

With the opening of an airport on the Seychelles, the country became a tourist attraction. Soon it became the most important source of income for the country. First the plant plantations were that. For example, a lot of cinnamon was grown, but that turned out not to be as profitable as tourism. The government is actively trying to allow foreign companies to invest in the Seychelles tourist industry.

Convert Seychelles rupee to euro

To determine the value Seychelles rupee is another currency, you can use the exchange rate calculator. Enter the amount you want to calculate and we calculate the current exchange rate for you. This way you quickly know the value of the Seychelles rupee in the currency of your choice. We always use the most recent course. So when converting Seychelles rupee to euro the last price Seychelles rupee euro is used that is available.

Did you know

The Seychelles rupee is the currency of the Sechellen. In the international payment system, the currency is indicated with the abbreviation SCR. Coins that are used are in the values ​​5, 10 and 25 cents and 1 and 5 ropees. 1 rupee is 100 cents. Banknotes are available in the denominations 10, 25, 50, 100 and 500 rupees. The Seychelles rupee rate is not linked to that of the euro. The most recent exchange rate Seychelles rupee can be found in the currency exchange rate overview. The Seychelles rupee euro rate is variable.