EUR/RSD 0,23%

Exchange rate Serbian Dinar EUR/RSD

  • Last quote117,1124
  • Last quote (time)00:53
  • Difference0,2684
  • Difference %0,23%
  • Open116,8441
  • Close (previous trading day)116,8441
  • Day High (delayed)117,1341
  • Day Low (delayed)117,0993
  • Year High118,8891
  • Year Low 117,0993

Historical exchange rate Serbian Dinar (€)

  • Date1 € = units
  • 14-04-2024116,844056
  • 13-04-2024117,087052
  • 12-04-2024117,431751
  • 11-04-2024117,105895
  • 10-04-2024117,114655
  • 09-04-2024117,129431

Serbian Dinar (RSD) exchange rate

1 RSD = Units 1 Unit = RSD
US Dollar 0,0091 110,2010
British Pound 0,0073 137,1802
Euro 0,0085 117,1124
Japanese Yen 1,3991 0,7147
Swiss Franc 0,0083 120,8590

Serbian Dinar Euro

The Serbian Dinar (RSD) is subdivided into hundreds such as the Dinari that was in Roman times. 100 Para forms 1 Serbian Dinar. Para comes from the Turkish word for silver, Bara. The currency has been the official currency since 2003. The price of Serbian Dinar came under great pressure due to the lingering conflicts in the Balkans. The exchange rate Serbian Dinar became too unpredictable for many banks. Since 2007, the Serbian Dinars can not be exchanged at border exchange offices or banks. This is because there is no official price of the value Serbian Dinar.

Convert Serbian Dinar to Euro

The Serbian Dinar to Euro conversion is difficult. The official rate is still being questioned by the big banks and is therefore not used. If you go on holiday in Serbia, know that it is almost impossible to change Serbian Dinar to Euro

Did you know

The Serbian Dinar is a currency that has been reintroduced into Serbia. In 2003, the currency is the official currency for the third time. He replaces the Yugoslav Dinar that has fallen into disuse due to the collapse of Yugoslavia. The Dinar is derived from the Dinari the Roman coin. Serbia used the dinar earlier between 1868 and 1918. The coin first appeared in 1214. Its history runs right through the Middle Ages and was an important state symbol until the Ottoman occupation. The course of the Serbian dinar was subject to hyperinflation, so that the largest bill in 1993 was 500,000,000,000 Dinars. The exchange rate of the Serbian Dinar fluctuated so much for a time that the currency outside Serbia could not be exchanged.