EUR/PEN -0,05%

Exchange rate Peruvian Sol EUR/PEN

  • Last quote4,0742
  • Last quote (time)03:51
  • Difference-0,0018
  • Difference %-0,05%
  • Open4,0760
  • Close (previous trading day)4,0760
  • Day High (delayed)4,0822
  • Day Low (delayed)4,0742
  • Year High4,2014
  • Year Low 4,0742

Historical exchange rate Peruvian Sol (€)

  • Date1 € = units
  • 20-07-20244,076030
  • 19-07-20244,081517
  • 18-07-20244,061897
  • 17-07-20244,062379
  • 16-07-20244,057475
  • 15-07-20244,069962

Peruvian Sol (PEN) exchange rate

1 PEN = Units 1 Unit = PEN
US Dollar 0,2673 3,7411
British Pound 0,2069 4,8336
Euro 0,2454 4,0742
Japanese Yen 42,1040 0,0238
Swiss Franc 0,2375 4,2108

Peruvian Sol

Almost half of the Peruvian population lives below the poverty line. The main sources of income are fishing and mining. In the mountainous areas and in the countryside, the exchange trading system is still used. Due to political unrest and the uncertain economy, the country has difficulty attracting outside investors. Peru itself has almost no wealthy people who can give a boost to the local economy.

Convert Peruvian sol to euro

For the calculation of Peruvian sol to euro the last rate Peruvian sol euro are used. This can be found is the currency exchange rate overview. Here you can also find the exchange rate Peruvian sol in relation to other currencies, such as the correct Peruvian sol euro ratio for the Peruvian sol value in euros.

Did you know

The Peruvian sol is the currency of Peru. The official name is nuevo sol. In the international payment system, the currency is abbreviated with the letters PEN. The following coins are in use: 10, 20 and 50 céntimos and 1, 2 and 5 nuevos soles. Soles is the plural of sol, meaning sun. One sol is 100 centavos. Tickets can be obtained in the denominations 10, 20, 50, 100 and 200 nuevos soles. All banknotes have the same size. The Peruvian sol price is variabal and therefore not linked to other currencies.