EUR/NAD -0,79%

Exchange rate Namibian Dollar EUR/NAD

  • Last quote20,1532
  • Last quote (time)03:32
  • Difference-0,1607
  • Difference %-0,79%
  • Open20,3139
  • Close (previous trading day)20,3139
  • Day High (delayed)20,1532
  • Day Low (delayed)20,1532
  • Year High21,2195
  • Year Low 20,1532

Historical exchange rate Namibian Dollar (€)

  • Date1 € = units
  • 08-06-202320,313904
  • 07-06-202320,568190
  • 06-06-202320,550946
  • 05-06-202320,908992
  • 04-06-202320,881737
  • 03-06-202320,936739

Namibian Dollar (NAD) exchange rate

1 NAD = Units 1 Unit = NAD
US Dollar 0,0534 18,7204
British Pound 0,0425 23,5222
Euro 0,0496 20,1532
Japanese Yen 7,4467 0,1343
Swiss Franc 0,0483 20,7207

Namibian Dollar Euro

The most important export product of Namibia is diamond. Diamonds account for more than half of the country's exports. Other mining products are also part of Namibia's exports. The national currency is permanently linked to that of neighboring South Africa.

Convert Namibian Dollar to Euro

To find the ratio Namibian Dollar Euro you can go to the currency exchange rate overview. Here you can find the last rate Namibian Dollar Euro. In the currency converter you can also convert Namibian dollar to Euro. The Namibian Dollar value can also be calculated against other currencies.

Did you know

The Namibian Dollar is the currency of Namibia. In the international payment system, the currency is indicated by the abbreviation NAD. The following coins are used: 5, 10 and 50 Cents and 1 and 5 Dollars. 1 Dollar is 100 Cents. Banknotes are available as 10, 20, 50, 100 and 200 Dollars. The image of Hendrik Witbooi is on all bills. This Namibian was the first to bring the various peoples together to fight against the European oppressors. The Namibian Dollar rate is the same as that of the South African rand, which can also be paid in Namibia.