EUR/LBP -0,26%

Exchange rate Lebanese Pound EUR/LBP

  • Last quote16.417,1956
  • Last quote (time)03:36
  • Difference-42,0850
  • Difference %-0,26%
  • Open16.459,2806
  • Close (previous trading day)16.459,2806
  • Day High (delayed)16.417,1956
  • Day Low (delayed)16.417,1956
  • Year High17.095,6415
  • Year Low 16.417,1956

Historical exchange rate Lebanese Pound (€)

  • Date1 € = units
  • 08-06-202316459,280560
  • 07-06-202316328,318312
  • 06-06-202316313,999076
  • 05-06-202316230,761035
  • 04-06-202316117,837692
  • 03-06-202316160,215454

Lebanese Pound (LBP) exchange rate

1 LBP = Units 1 Unit = LBP
US Dollar 0,0001 15.249,9986
British Pound 0,0001 19.161,6253
Euro 0,0001 16.417,1956
Japanese Yen 0,0092 109,3878
Swiss Franc 0,0001 16.879,5038

Lebanese Pound

Lebanon was long known as a popular holiday destination for the jet-set of Europe. The independence of 1958 was followed by a period of prosperity in which Beirut could compete with the Nice and Cannes. Meanwhile, the economy of Lebanon is growing. The rate of the Lebanese pound is supported by the Beirut stock exchange, which opened again in 1990. The Americans have a good sales market to Lebanon, which again benefits the exchange rate of the Lebanese pound.

Convert Lebanese Pound to Euro

Changing the Lebanese pound to euro is easy to do so via The calculator calculates the amount quickly and easily. So you are always assured of the most accurate rate of Lebanese pound. The Lebanese pound is stable, thanks to the stringent measures taken by the Lebanese bank, Lebanon has been virtually unscathed by the economic crises.

Did you know

The Lebanese pound is a currency that is called lira by the inhabitants. Previously, each pound was divided into piastres but due to inflation these have fallen into disuse. The coin was formed under the colonialism of the French. The exchange rate of the Lebanese pound has suffered greatly from inflation that raged from 1975 to 1990 during the civil war. The rate of the Lebanese pound stabilized in 1990. After 1990, a period of economic recovery followed until about 2000. The Lebanese government had to borrow a lot to restore the economy and infrastructure.