Hungarian Forint

(EUR/HUF) 0,13%

Exchange rate Hungarian Forint (HUF)

  • Last quote362,8706
  • Last quote (time)09:32
  • Difference0,4730
  • Difference %0,13%
  • Open362,3976
  • Close (previous trading day)362,3976
  • Day High (delayed)362,9198
  • Day Low (delayed)361,8928
  • Year High369,0538
  • Year Low 361,8928

Historical exchange rate Hungarian Forint (€)

  • Date1 € = units
  • 19-10-2021362,397584
  • 18-10-2021361,810352
  • 17-10-2021359,626869
  • 16-10-2021360,019069
  • 15-10-2021360,019069
  • 14-10-2021358,989847
  • 13-10-2021360,268032

Hungarian Forint (HUF) exchange rate

1 HUF = Units 1 Unit = HUF
US Dollar 0,0032 312,1779
British Pound 0,0023 430,2433
Euro 0,0028 362,8706
Japanese Yen 0,3666 2,7281
Swiss Franc 0,0030 337,5644

About the Hungarian Forint

The Hungarian forint is a young currency, it only exists since 1946. The exchange rate Hungarian forint euro is subject to the exchange rate of the euro. The rate of the Hungarian forint is determined by the Hungarian central bank. Because much of the trade goes through the European Union, the euro rate is important for the value of the Hungarian forint.

Hungarian forint euro rate

The Hungarian forint would originally transfer to the euro in 2010. That date was not met due to the budget deficit in Hungary. These deficits are a direct consequence of the sharp fall in the value of the Hungarian forint after the Eastern Bloc was split up. The Hungarian forint to euro exchange rate is very important for the Hungarian currency. The exchange rate Hungarian forint changes daily, it is advisable to use the calculator. With the calculator you will always have the correct exchange rate for Hungarian forint to euros or vice versa.

Hungarian Forint (HUF) Wiki

The Hungarian forint with the ISO code HUF was introduced in 1946 after the Second World War. The rate of the Hungarian forint euro is linked to the value of the euro. After the break-up of the Eastern bloc, the value of the Hungarian forint plummeted. The Hungarian forint exchange rate fluctuates daily. Therefore, changing from Hungarian forint to euro also varies daily. That is why it is easier to convert the Hungarian forint euro with the calculator on You are then assured of the correct value Hungarian forint.