EUR/HKD -0,31%

Exchange rate Hong Kong Dollar EUR/HKD

  • Last quote8,3199
  • Last quote (time)00:51
  • Difference-0,0262
  • Difference %-0,31%
  • Open8,3461
  • Close (previous trading day)8,3461
  • Day High (delayed)8,3209
  • Day Low (delayed)8,3187
  • Year High8,8000
  • Year Low 8,3187

Historical exchange rate Hong Kong Dollar (€)

  • Date1 € = units
  • 14-04-20248,346098
  • 13-04-20248,362959
  • 12-04-20248,362959
  • 11-04-20248,407230
  • 10-04-20248,416194
  • 09-04-20248,502818

Hong Kong Dollar (HKD) exchange rate

1 HKD = Units 1 Unit = HKD
US Dollar 0,1277 7,8290
British Pound 0,1026 9,7457
Euro 0,1202 8,3199
Japanese Yen 19,6933 0,0508
Swiss Franc 0,1165 8,5866

About the Hong Kong dollar (HKD)

Worldwide, the Hong Kong dollar is nineth, on the list of the most traded currencies. The Hong Kong dollar exchange rate is balanced because the bank issuing Hong Kong dollars must have the same amount in US dollars in reserve. The relationship with the British pound to which the currency was linked since 1935 came under pressure due to the devaluation of the pound. In 1972 the currency was linked to the US dollar. The Hong Kong dollar exchange rate is kept as stable as possible by all kinds of tools. The trade nation benefits from the most stable currency possible.

Exchange rate Hong Kong dollar euro

The exchange rate Hong Kong dollar to euro benefits from a weak US dollar with regard to buying goods. The exchange rate Hong Kong dollar euro is highly dependent on the US dollar. If you want to exchange Hong Kong dollar to euro, it is useful to use the calculator that can be found on This makes it easy to convert Hong Kong dollars into euros and you are assured of the most accurate rate.

Hong Kong dollar (HKD)

The Hong Kong dollar, the HKD is the official currency of the Chinese peninsula Hong Kong. Since 1825 the free port had a British government. The English tried to introduce the pound sterling but the people and traders were used to the silver Spanish dollars. In 1863 the British government gave up definitively and the first Hong Kong dollars were minted.

Gold and silver guaranteed the value of the Hong Kong dollar until 1935, from that moment the value of the Hong Kong dollar was related to the British pound.