EUR/GYD 0,61%

Exchange rate Guayana Dollar EUR/GYD

  • Last quote205,2197
  • Last quote (time)07:41
  • Difference1,2405
  • Difference %0,61%
  • Open203,9792
  • Close (previous trading day)203,9792
  • Day High (delayed)205,9306
  • Day Low (delayed)202,2393
  • Year High244,7256
  • Year Low 202,2393

Historical exchange rate Guayana Dollar (€)

  • Date1 € = units
  • 25-09-2022203,979241
  • 24-09-2022204,002882
  • 23-09-2022202,575996
  • 22-09-2022205,991907
  • 21-09-2022205,827017
  • 20-09-2022208,565303
  • 19-09-2022207,256075

Guayana Dollar (GYD) exchange rate

1 GYD = Units 1 Unit = GYD
US Dollar 0,0047 213,1227
British Pound 0,0045 224,5781
Euro 0,0049 205,2197
Japanese Yen 0,6766 1,4782
Swiss Franc 0,0046 216,3898

Guyana Dollar

The main source of income for Guyana is agriculture and the mining of bauxite, tin, gold and minerals. The government suffers from a high government debt that limits the development of the country. Living in Guyana is a relatively expensive affair because most goods needed for daily use have to be imported. Guyana is trading a lot with the United States, Canada, Brazil and the United Kingdom.

Convert Guyana dollar to euro

To quickly convert from Guyana dollar to euro you can use the exchange rate calculator. This automatically applies the most recent exchange rate of the Guyana dollar. So when calculating the Guyana dollar you always use the last price of the Guyana dollar. No more searching for what the ratio of Guyana dollar euro was again, but quickly determining the value of Guyana dollar.

Did you know

The Guyana dollar is the currency of Guyana. The currency is abbreviated with the letters GYD in the international payment system. The following coins are in use: 1, 5 and 10 dollars. One dollar is 100 cents, but this subdivision is no longer used due to inflation. Paper money is available in the denominations 20, 100, 500 and 1,000 dollars. The price of the Guyana dollar is fixed to that of the American dollar. The value of the Guyana dollar in relation to the US dollar is 190 to 1.