EUR/GMD -0,56%

Exchange rate Gambian Dalasi EUR/GMD

  • Last quote52,7490
  • Last quote (time)07:51
  • Difference-0,2954
  • Difference %-0,56%
  • Open53,0444
  • Close (previous trading day)53,0444
  • Day High (delayed)53,1528
  • Day Low (delayed)52,4877
  • Year High60,7619
  • Year Low 52,4877

Historical exchange rate Gambian Dalasi (€)

  • Date1 € = units
  • 25-09-202253,044373
  • 24-09-202253,051140
  • 23-09-202253,051140
  • 22-09-202253,894391
  • 21-09-202253,864562
  • 20-09-202254,588523
  • 19-09-202254,637388

Gambian Dalasi (GMD) exchange rate

1 GMD = Units 1 Unit = GMD
US Dollar 0,0183 54,7503
British Pound 0,0173 57,8698
Euro 0,0190 52,7490
Japanese Yen 2,6268 0,3807
Swiss Franc 0,0180 55,6035

Gambian Dalasi

The economy of Gambia is a liberal market. This is mainly dependent on the export of peanuts and a significant tourist industry. Important trading partners are Europe, the United Kingdom and in recent years increasingly Senegal and the United States. The Gambian dalasi value fluctuates strongly because the government is almost unable to steer the exchange rate.

Convert Gambian dalasi to euro

The exchange rate overview shows the exchange rate Gambian dalasi. With this you can convert from, for example, Gambian dalasi to euro. To be sure that you use the current price Gambian dalasi euro in your calculation, the exchange rate calculator is also available. Select the currency of your choice, enter the amount and press calculate. The calculator automatically applies the correct Gambian dalasi euro ratio to the calculation.

Did you know

The Gambian dalasi is the currency of Gambia. The official abbreviation as it is used in international payments is GMD. In 1971 the currency was introduced as a replacement for the British pound sterling. The following coins are in use: 1, 5, 10, 25 and 50 butut and 1 dalasi. One hundred butut is one dalasi. Paper money is available in the denominations 5, 10, 25 and 100 dalasi. Currency is almost unused due to the relatively low Gambian dalasi price relative to foreign currencies.