Falkland Island Pound

(EUR/FKP) -0,01%

Exchange rate Falkland Island Pound (FKP)

  • Last quote0,8371
  • Last quote (time)04:42
  • Difference-0,0001
  • Difference %-0,01%
  • Open0,8372
  • Close (previous trading day)0,8372
  • Day High (delayed)0,8372
  • Day Low (delayed)0,8371
  • Year High0,9320
  • Year Low 0,8371

Historical exchange rate Falkland Island Pound (€)

  • Date1 € = units
  • 23-02-20200,837178
  • 22-02-20200,837394
  • 21-02-20200,837488
  • 20-02-20200,836584
  • 19-02-20200,830375
  • 18-02-20200,833388
  • 17-02-20200,830972
  • 16-02-20200,830185

Falkland Island Pound (FKP) exchange rate

1 FKP = Units 1 Unit = FKP
US Dollar 1,2958 0,7717
British Pound 1,0000 1,0000
Euro 1,1946 0,8371
Japanese Yen 144,5812 0,0069
Swiss Franc 1,2676 0,7889

Falkland Island Pound

The Falkland Islands are an island group off the coast of Argentina. The British claimed the Falkland Islands for the first time in 1765. The Argentines conquered the islands on the British in 1982, the Falkland Islands were the result, after a brief conflict of 72 days the islands were once again in British hands. The economy of the Falkland Islands is diversified in sheep breeding, tourism, and fishing.

Convert Falkland Islands pound to euro

The Falkland Islands pound rate is linked to the British pound. To find the correct Falkland Islands pound rate, enter the amount in euros at Wisselkoers.nl. This calculation is easy and free, you are then provided with the accurate value Falkland Islands pont to euro. The exchange rate Falkland Islands pound is updated daily on Wisselkoers.nl.

Did you know

The Falkland Islands pound is linked to the British pound. The coin is therefore divided into English shillings, each consisting of 12 pence. The international abbreviation for the Falkland Islands pound is FKP. The pound is linked 1: 1 to the British pound. The Falkland Islands pound rate is subject to the same fluctuations as the British pound. The coins and banknotes are the same as those of the British pound, with the exception of the imprint, which differs slightly from the British pound.