EUR/DZD -0,47%

Exchange rate Algerian Dinar EUR/DZD

  • Last quote148,5464
  • Last quote (time)11:53
  • Difference-0,7047
  • Difference %-0,47%
  • Open149,2511
  • Close (previous trading day)149,2511
  • Day High (delayed)149,5659
  • Day Low (delayed)148,5271
  • Year High161,0484
  • Year Low 148,5271

Historical exchange rate Algerian Dinar (€)

  • Date1 € = units
  • 01-02-2023149,251088
  • 31-01-2023147,636622
  • 30-01-2023147,275696
  • 29-01-2023147,396526
  • 28-01-2023147,415642
  • 27-01-2023147,484138
  • 26-01-2023147,799937

Algerian Dinar (DZD) exchange rate

1 DZD = Units 1 Unit = DZD
US Dollar 0,0074 135,2441
British Pound 0,0060 166,5690
Euro 0,0067 148,5464
Japanese Yen 0,9533 1,0490
Swiss Franc 0,0067 148,5611

Algerian dinar

Algeria is a former colony of France. The country became independent in 1962 when the Algerian War of Independence was fought. The country has a high unemployment rate. The Algerian government plays an important role in the local economy because it controls the majority of the industry. In the east of the Sahara, a lot of petroleum and natural gas is extracted which indirectly contributes to the value Algerian dinar.

Convert Algerian dinar to euro

For the exchange of Algerian Dinar to Euro, the most recent price Algerian Dinar Euro should be used. The Algerian Dinar Euro ratio can be found in the currency exchange rates overview. You can also easily convert the amount yourself with the exchange rate calculator. This automatically uses the last exchange rate Algerian dinar.

Did you know

The Algerian dinar is the currency of Algeria. The abbreviation for this currency as used in international trade is DZD. The word dinar is derived from the denarie, a silver Roman coin. Coins that are used are: 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 dinars. 1 dinar is 100 santeem. Available banknotes are 100, 200, 500 and 1,000 dinars. In 1964, the Algerian dinar was introduced as a successor to the Algerian franc, which was less than a year old. The course Algerian dinar is not linked to anything and therefore variable.