EUR/CDF -0,07%

Exchange rate Congolese Franc EUR/CDF

  • Last quote2.551,3940
  • Last quote (time)01:50
  • Difference-1,8697
  • Difference %-0,07%
  • Open2.553,2637
  • Close (previous trading day)2.553,2637
  • Day High (delayed)2.551,3940
  • Day Low (delayed)2.551,3940
  • Year High2.553,2637
  • Year Low 2.551,3940

Historical exchange rate Congolese Franc (€)

  • Date1 € = units
  • 08-06-20232553,263683
  • 07-06-20232537,581559
  • 06-06-20232487,216522
  • 05-06-20232490,412785
  • 04-06-20232492,507429
  • 03-06-20232499,060778

Congolese Franc (CDF) exchange rate

1 CDF = Units 1 Unit = CDF
US Dollar 0,0004 2.370,0001
British Pound 0,0003 2.977,9054
Euro 0,0004 2.551,3940
Japanese Yen 0,0588 16,9999
Swiss Franc 0,0004 2.623,1213

Congolese Franc

After three currency reforms, the Democratic Republic of Congo has been using the Congolese franc as a legal tender since 1998. The abbreviation in international payment traffic is CDF. The Congolese franc rate is not nearly as stable as the government would like to see. The large amount of minerals in the soil has not caused economic prosperity. Inflation is a source of concern for the democratic republic of Congo where the majority of the population is still working in agriculture.

Convert Congolese francs to euro

The Congolese You can easily convert franc to euro by filling in the amount on the calculator. You will then receive the Congolese franc value in euros for free. The calculations with the Congolese franc to euro exchange rate can also be expressed in dollars or pounds. In fact, the Congolese franc value can be converted to any currency that is desired.

Did you know

In the democratic republic of Congo, the official currency is the Congolese franc. This franc also consists of one hundred centime but the subdivision is no longer used. Coins are not minted from the Congolese franc, paper money is the only currency that occurs. The Belgian franc is the forerunner of the Congolese franc until 1911 it was in use. After 1911, the country was entitled to its own currency. The Belgian Congolese franc was issued. After the occupation of Belgium, the currency was linked to the British pound sterling.