EUR/BBD 1,32%

Exchange rate Barbadian Dollar EUR/BBD

  • Last quote1,9946
  • Last quote (time)09:25
  • Difference0,0260
  • Difference %1,32%
  • Open1,9686
  • Close (previous trading day)1,9686
  • Day High (delayed)1,9946
  • Day Low (delayed)1,9518
  • Year High2,3618
  • Year Low 1,9518

Historical exchange rate Barbadian Dollar (€)

  • Date1 € = units
  • 25-09-20221,968600
  • 24-09-20221,968828
  • 23-09-20221,954977
  • 22-09-20221,987988
  • 21-09-20221,986362
  • 20-09-20222,012807
  • 19-09-20222,000196

Barbadian Dollar (BBD) exchange rate

1 BBD = Units 1 Unit = BBD
US Dollar 0,4861 2,0570
British Pound 0,4532 2,2066
Euro 0,5014 1,9946
Japanese Yen 69,8774 0,0143
Swiss Franc 0,4767 2,0979

Barbadian Dollar

The island of Barbados mainly depends on tourism and the financial institutions (mainly banks) that are established there. The local industry mainly consists of the production of sugar cane, rum and textiles. In comparison with other countries in Central and South America, the country has a relatively high income per inhabitant. Local education is also of a high level.

Convert Barbadian dollar to euro

In the exchange rate currency overview you can find the current exchange rate Barbadian dollar. The exchange rate calculator can also be used to quickly convert Barbadian dollars to euros. This automatically applies the correct exchange rate for Barbadian dollars. No more searching for what the ratio of Barbadian dollar euro was again, but quickly converting with the correct Barbadian dollar euro rate.

Did you know

The Barbadian dollar is the currency of Barbados. The official abbreviation as it is used in international payments is BBD. In 1973 the Barbadian dollar was introduced as a replacement for the East Caribbean dollar. The following coins are in circulation: 1, 5, 10 and 25 cents and 1 dollar. Here, one dollar corresponds to 100 cents. Paper money is available in denominations 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 dollars. The price of the Barbadian dollar is fixedly linked to that of the US dollar with a ratio of 1.98 to 1.