EUR/AZN -3,51%

Exchange rate Azerbaijan Manat EUR/AZN

  • Last quote1,7909
  • Last quote (time)04:05
  • Difference-0,0652
  • Difference %-3,51%
  • Open1,8561
  • Close (previous trading day)1,8561
  • Day High (delayed)1,9116
  • Day Low (delayed)1,7909
  • Year High1,8947
  • Year Low 1,7909

Historical exchange rate Azerbaijan Manat (€)

  • Date1 € = units
  • 20-07-20241,856075
  • 19-07-20241,856075
  • 18-07-20241,852956
  • 17-07-20241,864877
  • 16-07-20241,856419
  • 15-07-20241,856491

Azerbaijan Manat (AZN) exchange rate

1 AZN = Units 1 Unit = AZN
US Dollar 0,6078 1,6452
British Pound 0,4707 2,1243
Euro 0,5584 1,7909
Japanese Yen 95,7609 0,0104
Swiss Franc 0,5403 1,8510

Azerbaijan Manat

The international abbreviation for the Azerbaijani Manat is AZN, which means this currency is indicated in most exchange rate statements. Since 1993 the central bank of Azerbaijan has been printing the Manat. In 2006 a revaluation of the currency took place. The old coins and notes could be returned. The exchange rate Azerbaijani Manat for the new Manat was 5000: 1.

Convert Azerbaijani Manat to Euro

The exchange rate of the Azerbaijani Manat is not very stable. Because Azerbaijan sells a lot of oil, the coin floats on the oil price. You can easily convert Azerbaijani Manat to Euro using the calculator. Here the daily rate Azerbaijani Manat Euro is adjusted. This way you are assured of the correct value Azerbaijani Manat.

Did you know

In Azerbaijan people pay with the Azerbaijani Manat, this coin is divided into one hundred Kepik. The word Manat is derived from moneta, which means money in Latin. The Manat was in use between 1919 and 1923. After that, Azerbaijan became part of the Soviet Union and the Ruble made its appearance. In 1992 Azerbaijan became independent and in 1993 the Manat was introduced. The rate Azerbaijani Manat was fixed at 1 Manat is 10 Rubles. The currency has risen in value since 2005. The value Azerbaijani Manat rises through the sale of oil for Dollars.